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Wordfence Security will inform you of Problem Plugins

Wordfence Security will notify you of Problem Plugins

There are various security plugins, Wordfence security being one of the very best. The Wordfence security plugin has a free version and a paid version. The free version is, in most cases, all you need for good website security.

The two most important plugins for any website are: a good backup and restore plugin as well as a good security plugin. Don’t try and expand your website until you have them installed and setup.

The Team at Wordfence does a good job – you might consider moving to the premium version once your website is contributing to your business growth. When we pay for the premium version, it helps keep the people at Wordfence in business and they in turn launch effective features that keep our websites safe.

Coming back to the free version – it is quite remarkable how many features Wordfence gives us on the free version.    

Wordfence has many useful features thus the reason I use this security plugin in all my websites and the reason I recommend it to my Clients.

Wordfence will scan your website on a daily basis and you will be kept up-to-date should there be a problem area.

I recently installed the ‘Official Facebook Pixel’ plugin developed by Facebook.

Amongst its many features, Wordfence notifies you if you have a problem plugin, it notifies you also when the plugin is no longer supported. If a plugin is no longer supported make sure you delete it as soon as possible. Hackers can access the Admin Area of your website through cracks they find in outdated plugins – if a plugin you are using is no longer supported by the Developer that created that particular plugin, remove it.

On the image below under the ‘Results Found’ tab you can see that there were a total of eleven issues. This particular plugin (the Official Facebook Pixel that I had recently installed) could not be repaired… and interestingly enough it could not be deleted from the the ‘installed plugins’ section in the Admin Area. I had to go to cPanel to remove the folder.

Click on the screenshots below to enlarge them.

Once the ‘Official Facebook Pixel’ plugin was removed (as I mentioned I had to go through cPanbel to remove this particular plugin), I then went back to Wordfence (in my Admin Area) and clicked the ‘Start New Scan’ button.

It took less than 30 minutes for the scan to complete – the result? “No new issues were found”! Great!!

The website is up and running with ‘no issues found’. Thank you Wordfence for alerting me to the fact that this was a problem plugin.

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