Ladies and Gentlemen, is our street in Block 4A or Block 4B?

I was under the impression we were in Block 4B until a few days ago when I read a comment from Donovan wrt Block 4A.

Notice the contradiction on the ‘City without Power’ website. If you click this


it shows

[Click on screenshot to enlarge]

The above screenshot shows that Block 4A was scheduled for load shedding this morning between 8am and 12 noon. Our area in fact was without power between 8am and 12noon.

So the aforementioned confirms that we are under Block 4A correct?

Not so fast. If your scroll down the aforementioned page to the section entitled ‘Load Shedding Library’

Now, click Block 4A and you will see that Kensington is not even mentioned.

Now click 4B and you are going to see: Kensington, Kensington Ext and Kensington South (refer screenshot below)

We are in fact in Block 4B… but whenever we check for load shedding we must look for block 4A. City Power must have entered the Blocks incorrectly… oh well!

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