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Upload a Site Icon - Help People Recognize Your Website in Browser Tabs

UPLOAD A SITE ICON – Help People Recognize your Website in Browser Tabs

Be Recognized by Busy Browsers

Upload a Site Icon. Imagine having a few tabs open in your browser and unable to distinguish between a Facebook tab, YouTube tab, a tab of your Bank… it would be chaos…

Site icons are essential and they help people recognize your site in browser tabs, bookmarks in the URL bar and anywhere else where a website has to be identified visually. The good news is that a Site Icon can easily be uploaded to your WordPress website.

What is a Site Icon?

Favicon (universal term) or Site Icon (WordPress terminology) is short for favorites icon.

An Example of A Site Icon

Below the familiar YouTube site icon.

The YouTube site icon.

Where to Find Free Icons

There is a useful article I would recommend you to read on canva.com that presents 41 websites with free site icons: Where to find beautiful and useful free icons >

I got my site icons from https://www.pngkey.com/

Note: it is recommended that you use a transparent image for your site icon.

Resizing your Site Icon

Need to resize the Site Icon before adding it to your website? Use an image editor. There are quite a number of good image editors out there including Photoshop and Canva. As already mentioned I used Canva.

WordPress recommends a site icon of 512 x 512 px (512 pixels in width and 512 pixels in height). I resized my images to 520 x 520 px.

How to Upload a Site Icon to your WordPress Website

There are two ways you can easily upload your site icon to your WordPress website:


Go to wordpress.com > My Sites > Manage > Settings > General: click ‘Change’ and follow the prompts.

[Click on a screenshot to enlarge]

The Admin Area of your Website

Go to the Admin Area of your website (also known as the Dashboard or the Back-end) > Appearance > Customize > Site Identity: Site Icon > Upload/ change image.

Please note: Site Icons should be square and at least 512 × 512 pixels.

Video: Upload a Site Icon – Help People Recognize your Website in Browser Tabs

Click below to watch the video. Click the ‘full screen’ button on the bottow right hand corner of the video.

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