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Tippie Enslin

Training-Tippie Enslin

Hello Tippie,

Trust you are keeping well.

Please note that your website’s URL is not: http://www.Tippiesadventures.com

Your website’s URL is: https://tippiesadventures.wordpress.com/

You have posted a couple of great articles – well done!!

Tippie, your request is not very clear. You stated: “I managed somehow to create a page! I must have done it before I came to you the last time! It is now under pages but I need to move it to my Homepage. I want to use it as an example for the overseas people! Would it be possible to advise..?”

I assume you are referring to your ‘Tours’ page – is this correct? On the affirmative why would you want to make this your homepage?

  1. You have a good homepage you just have to add content to it.
  2. As far as your ‘Tours’ page is concerned, it is now showing on your Menu. So any visitor can click on it (right on the menu):


Trust the aforementioned is of help.

Kind regards,


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