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The Reason I Moved from Telkom’s ADSL to Vumatel’s Fibre (done and dusted in 3 days)

Telkom’s Performance

I have Telkom ADSL that I use for my landline (telephone) and internet. I pay for a 10Mbps Telkom line yet I only get about 1.35 Mbps!!

[Click on screenshot to enlarge it]

Last week 5 different Telkom technicians visited the premises and when the last technician left on Thursday he stated that the speed had been increased to between 8 and 10 Mbps. When I did another speed test it actually showed 0.7 Mbps. To add insult to injury this particular technician ‘cleared the Fault’ as “the issue had been resolved” (details below).

Due to continued very poor performance by Telkom I switched from AfriHost/ Telkom ADSL to AfriHost/ Vumatel Fibre… in 3 days. Read on…

Who Provides Fiber?

There are various companies providing fibre Vumatel being one of the better known. You then need an ISP (Internet Service Provider). Reputable ISPs include AfriHost, Cool Ideas and MWeb.

What Do you Need to Switch to Fibre?

To switch to fiber you need:

  • Fibre installed in your area
  • A router supplied by your Internet Service Provider
  • A terminal (which will be installed by Vumatel)

How Long Does it Take to Switch to Fibre?

I placed the order with AfriHost on Monday afternoon (20th May). Two days later the WiFi router was delivered by courier and the following day Vumatel technicians installed the terminal and connected it to the street fiber cable.

Order placed on Monday afternoon with AfriHost by Thursday lunch time my internet connection had been restored – fibre was up and running (9.96 Mpbps) – screenshot below.  Kudos to Tevesh Pather from Vumatel (072 6095765) for such efficient performance. My gratitude to Charlotte, Elisabeth, Niren, Premilla, Stanton and to Tony for their suggestions.

[Click on screenshot below to enlarge it]

rom 1.35 Mbps to 9.96 Mbps – quite remarkable!

Beware of Unscrupulous Telkom Technicians

On Thursday last week I had a gentleman at the gate. He told me that he was from Telkom and that his ‘Mentor’ was sitting in the vehicle and if I could go and meet him. The ‘Mentor’ Alfred, said that the visit was to resolve the low internet speed. The ‘Assistant’ accompanied me into the house and we did a speed test

He then walked back to the vehicle and reported the results to Alfred. Alfred is quite a big person and remained in his vehicle the whole time. Alfred told me that the two of them would drive to the ‘Exchange’ in Jeppe and return within an hour.

They did return an hour later and Alfred without leaving the vehicle stated that the problem had been resolved and that I again had 8-10 Mbps. They departed.

I returned to my study and there was an email stating that the “Fault had been cleared”. I did a speedtest and the speed was only 0.7 Mbps instead of the promised 8 – 10 Mbps (please note that I have been paying for a 10 Mbps line all along).

Apparently every time a fault is cleared by a technician he gets a commission (regardless of whether the issue is resolved…). One cannot re-open a “cleared fault”. You start the process all over again. A new ‘Fault’ is opened (with a new reference number) and some other technician will be knocking at your door…

Below the email I received from AfriHost:

Fault 24ARK1 for 011614 cleared

Dear Tony

We see that the following ADSL line fault report was cleared and is no longer active on the Telkom fault system:

Telephone number: 0116149…
     Fault reference: 24ARK1… 
  Afrihost reference: AH20190415-47…
       Original date: 2019-04-15 (36 days ago)

This means is that the fault is considered resolved as far as Telkom is concerned – it’s all done and dusted, sorted out and packed away with no further action outstanding.  We are closing the open fault reference on our side to correspond with Telkom’s view of its status…

Telkom’s service? What service?? By the way… my neighbours Jan and Artemis from across the road (who happen to be Telkom customers) have been without their landline and internet for the past 10 days!!!

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