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Scam Doing the Rounds - Your Mailbox is Almost Full

Scam Doing the Rounds – Your Mailbox is Almost Full

The Latest Scam Doing the Rounds

Scam mail varies: “A proposal for a lucrative business”, “Your bank account needs to have its login details updated”, “Your bank account online statement is ready”, “A payment is due to you…” and other. Scammers are relentless in their efforts to trick you in giving them the opportunity to leave malicious code in your device (have you got good anti-malware software to prevent this – refer below)..

A scam that hadn’t been used in a while and is once again doing the rounds is: “Your MailBox is Almost Full”.

[Click on a screenshot below to enlarge]

On the 19th June I received the following email:

I opened it:

They send you an email, wait a few days or weeks and when you forgot all about it you get another email stating that your email account is going to be locked and you therefore won’t be able to receive nor send emails.

On the 28th June I received another email from them (Final Termination Notice):

Upon opening it:

When I clicked on the link ‘Click here now to upgrade your email storage’, Firefox notified me that should I continue I would enter a deceptive site (thus the reason it is important to keep your browser updated be it Google Chrome, Firefox, other).

Below how Firefox displayed the warning to me (Google Chrome does the same):

[Click on screenshot below to enlarge]

What Must You Do?

If you open the email, DON’T click anywhere. PHONE YOUR HOSTING COMPANY AND FIND OUT IF THERE ARE ANY ISSUES WITH YOUR EMAIL ACCOUNT. Afterwards move that email to your ‘Spam’ folder.

Keep in mind:

To prevent scammers and hackers from causing your site a great deal of damage ensure that your:


  • has an effective anti-malware software such as Malwarebytes (there is a free version of Malwarebytes)
  • has an effective antivirus software. There are various antivirus software Kaspersky being one of the best.

Your Browser

  • ensure you are using the latest browser (be it Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, other).

Your website

  • has the latest WordPress version. Keep your theme and plugins up-to-date.
  • has a https url. Https is far more secure than http – ask the company hosting your website to provide the SSL certificate (they will convert the http to https in a few minutes free of charge)
  • has an effective security plugin such as Wordfence
  • has an effective back up and restore. Ask your hosting company if they provide a daily backup of your entire website and ask them also if it is possible for you to restore your website should there be a problem one day… If they don’t, you will need a ‘good’ backup and restore plugin such as VaultPress. VaultPress has now been incorporated into Jetpack.

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