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Review - Site Reviews Plugin

Review – Site Reviews Plugin

The Site Reviews plugin allows you to easily receive and display reviews for your website, business or products.

Site Reviews allows your visitors to submit reviews with a 1-5 star rating on your website, similar to the way you would on TripAdvisor or Yelp. The plugin provides blocks, shortcodes and widgets along with full documentation.

You can pin your best reviews so that they are always shown first, require approval before new review submissions are published, require visitors to be logged-in in order to write a review, send custom notifications on a new submission, and a whole lot more!

Site Reviews provides full Woocommerce integration with the free Woocommerce Reviews add-on.

Where to Find the Plugin?

Login to your site’s Admin Area > Plugins > Add New.

On the page that opens look for the search plugins box (on the top right hand corner of the ‘Add Plugins’ page) and type: Site Reviews.

The page that opens will display the plugin as per the screenshot below. Click ‘Install Now’ and follow the prompts.

Latest Reviews

The ‘Site Reviews’ plugin

Rated 5 out of 5

Highly recommended: great features and super easy for visitors to use.

There are a couple of features of great use to my work:

1. allowing visitors to submit a review and additionally submit a 1-5 star rating

2. being able to use ‘Site Reviews’ on any page or post

3. having easy access access to the ‘Site Reviews’ block on the Gutenberg editor

4. being able to use different ‘Site Reviews’ widgets such as: ‘Summary’, ‘Submit a Review’ and ‘Latest Reviews’.

I am using the ‘Site Reviews’ plugin on my two websites.

Well done to the Developers!👌👍👏


If you are already using this plugin please tell us your experience

Much success with your ‘Site Reviews’ Plugin!

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