Which is the Most Important – AdWords or SEO

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Tony Staff answered 4 years ago

Dear Lauren,
Both AdWords and SEO are very important.
SEO shows you how to optimize your website for search engines so that your website will show on page 1 of Google search and not on page 2 or 3. SEO is free and when your site shows on Google search this is referred to as ‘organic search’.
Once you have optimized your website for search engines then you should put a small Ad on Google AdWords – if you do it properly your Ad will show on page 1 of Google. This is called ‘paid search’ – you are paying for your Ad to show on Google search.
There isn’t much point in you having an Ad on Google AdWords if your website hasn’t been optimized for S.E.O.
If your website has been created on WordPress you can easily optimized it. Interested in SEO or AdWords training?
Trust the aforementioned is of assistance.
Best regards,

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