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How to do a separate Gallery on my Posts

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Tony Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Tippie,

I am assuming that you already have a post/ blog/ article and you would like to create a Photo Gallery on that same post/ blog/ article.

Do as follows:

Go to your Admin Area > go to Posts > All Posts > click ‘Edit‘ under the post you want to edit

[Click on any screenshot below to increase its size]

On the page that opens let us assume that you want to have the gallery displayed after the content (your write-up). So… place the cursor where you want the gallery to be and click the ‘Add Media‘ button (the ‘Add Media’ button is on top of the page next to ‘Add Poll’ button).

When the ‘Add Media’ panel opens, click ‘Create Gallery‘ at the top of the left side bar:

Check all the relevant photos on your Media Library (assuming you already downloaded the photos to your Media Library) and on the bottom right hand corner click ‘Create a new Gallery’:

On the ‘Edit Gallery’ panel that opens, set ‘Gallery Settings’ (on the right hand sidebar) as follows:

  • Link to: ‘Media File’
  • Size: ‘Full Size’
  • Type: ‘Tiled Mosaic’

Then click ‘Insert Gallery’:


You will be returned to your post/ blog/ article and click ‘Publish’ or ‘Update’.  On your Post page click ‘View post’. You should be able to see your new gallery:

All the best with your Photo Galleries!

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