How to Remove ‘MyShopify’ Suffix from My eCommerce Website’s Domain Name

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Tony Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Dr. Steve,

Let us assume that your existing url is: https://drstevebrown.myshopify.com and let us assume that the url drstevebrown.com is available for registration.

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Go to your Shopify Admin Area > Online Store > Domains

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Since you already have a domain name (ending in .myshopify.com) click ‘Connect existing domain’

and follow the prompts.

Domain registration is no more than US$20. Every 12 months you will have to renew your registration (under US$20 per annum).

Please note that you can easily change from an existing:




assuming that the name DrSteveBrown.com has not yet been registered by you nor anyone else.

Trust the aforementioned is of assistance.

Best regards, Tony

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