Published Posts to my Website don’t show up on Linkedin

QuestionsPublished Posts to my Website don’t show up on Linkedin
Tony Staff asked 3 months ago

Hello Tony
Please may I ask the following: I have now published a couple of posts and “asked to connect” (on rt side of pane)(of Gutenberg) with “Linkedin”, and Facebook.
But the posts don’t show up on Linkedin.  Any ideas?
On Facebook two have shown up.  Today’s one has not.

Please advise.
Many thanks
Lawrence van Niekerk B.A. RFP 1; RFP 2
083 774 6763 and 011 849 9259

Look forward to your comment

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Tony Staff answered 3 months ago

Goor morning Lawrie,

Trust you are keeping well.

Please go to

On the page that opens check (click) the relevant website.
A new page will open. You will be able to see if your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are connected (if it displays ‘Disconnect’ means it is connected). Click the screenshot below to enlarge. You can see that my website is connected to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

This means that whenever I post to my website WordPress simultaneously posts for me to my business page on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Trust the a.m. is of assistance.
Much success,

Look forward to your comment

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