How do I Create a Callout Extension?

Tony Staff asked 2 years ago

Brian asked: “How do I create a callout extension and do I have to pay more for having an extension on my Ad on Google AdWords?

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Tony Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Brian,

The Callout extension is one of many AdWords ad extensions you can use.  It allows you to include additional text with your search ads. You can provide detailed information about your business, including products and services you offer. You can add callouts when you create your campaign.

Callout extension (like any other extension) gives you additional Ad space FREE! You don’t pay anything more for using it.

It is quite easy to create a callout extension:

Go to your Campaign > Ad Extensions > click the ‘View’ drop-down menu and choose ‘Callout extensions’

How do I Create a Callout Extension 1

> click ‘+ EXTENSION’

How do I Create a Callout Extension 2
> when the new panel opens, click the ‘New Callout’ button

How do I Create a Callout Extension 3
> the ‘New callout’ panel opens. Enter:

  • Callout text
  • Device preference

> click ‘Save’

How do I Create a Callout Extension 4
> click ‘Save’

Trust the a.m. is of assistance.



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