Do Hosting Companies Provide Backup and Restore for Websites?

QuestionsCategory: Backup and RestoreDo Hosting Companies Provide Backup and Restore for Websites?
Tony Staff asked 8 months ago

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Tony Staff answered 8 months ago

Answer for Do Hosting Companies Provide Backup and Restore for Websites?

Hi Mary,

Internationally companies such as Hetzner (Germany) do automatic backup of one’s entire website every 24 hours and you can easily restore your website at any time.

In South Africa both Afrihost (Johannesburg) and Xneelo Cape Town (ex- Hetzner South Africa) also backup your entire website every 24 hours and you can restore at any time. This is a FREE service provided by the hosting company.

Regrettably MWeb does not back-up websites. If you are hosting with MWeb (or any hosting company that does not provide an automatic backup) you have a couple of options:

  1. go to your cPanel and back up the site yourself. It is advisable that you backup your website every time you do an update. You can download the back-up to your computer and then delete the previous backup… What a pain! This is so time consuming!!!
  2. THE BEST OPTION: Phone MWeb and obtain the FTP Credentials for your website (it sounds so technical and complicated BUT IT ISN’T). MWeb to provide you with the following FTP Credentials:
    • Server Address’ (normally your website’s URL)
    • Port Number’ (normally 21)
    • Username (normally your cPanel Username – MWeb will give you this info)
    • Password (normally your cPanel Password – MWeb will provide you with the info)

Then install the WordPress plugin VaultPress. It costs US$39 per year payable annually in advance. You can from year 2 opt to pay monthly (about US$3/month).

VaultPress also offers security. But if you want to have backup, restore plus security it will be expensive. I would recommend that you use the free version of Wordfence for security – the best security plugin there is.

There is no such thing as a FREE backup and restore plugin. On a so-called FREE backup and restore plugin you have to use Dropbox or some alternative. Dropbox will give you some free space that fills up in no time and then you have to pay Dropbox more that you would pay VaultPress.

In summary: use VaultPress for backup and restore (should your hosting company not provide automatic backups and use the free version of Wordfence for securing your website).

Please note: My main website is hosted with Bluehost (USA) and it is automatically backed up every 24 hours. As a safety precaution I additionally backup this website with VaultPress. The 2 other websites of mine are hosted with Xneelo and they are automatically backed up by Xneelo every 24 hours – I do not use VaultPress on these other 2 websites (saving a bit in the process).

Need VaultPress Training?
Need Wordfence Training?

Trust the aforementioned is of assistance.

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