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Can Wordfence Clean my Hacked Site?

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Tony Staff answered 2 years ago

Answer for Can Wordfence Clean my Hacked Site?
Hi Andrew,
If you have the free or the premium version, Wordfence will clean-up your hacked website for you. The fee is US$179 and they will fully restore your website. To find out more click this link >
A few comments:

  1. the two most important plugins on any website are: a ‘good’ security plugin and a ‘good’ backup and restore plugin (there are many plugins in the WordPress repository some very good some not so good).
  2. Wordfence is one of the best security plugins for WordPress. It has been installed in more than 3 million websites!!!
  3. Wordfence has a free version and a premium version. I use the free version on all my websites even tough I will be moving to the premium version for the simple reason that the people at Wordfence provide very high quality service (let’s pay them so that they can continue doing business and support us).
  4. Ensure that you:

4.1 setup your Wordfence correctly
4.2 follow the advice Wordfence gives including regularly updating your plugins and theme(s), updating your version of WordPress and making sure you delete abandoned plugins. Hackers will find ways to the Admin Area of your website through abandoned plugins – so make sure you delete them.
If you do the a.m. Wordfence will in future prevent your website from being hacked.


Can Wordfence Clean my Hacked Site


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