Can I run MailChimp easy on the Ipad or do you recommend a PC

QuestionsCan I run MailChimp easy on the Ipad or do you recommend a PC
Tony Staff asked 3 years ago

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Tony Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Johan,

I do create all my MailChimp campaigns on my PC. Below an excerpt you will find of interest:

MailChimp Subscribe

Collect email addresses in person at a storefront or conference with MailChimp Subscribe. Store them locally on your iPad or Android tablet, even when you’re not online.

Flexible design tools

MailChimp Subscribe’s design tools make it easy to customize your form and showcase your brand’s personality. Show off your logo, choose your layout, use one of our built-in backgrounds or your own image, and customize your text.

Manage and sync subscribers

When you connect to the internet, MailChimp Subscribe will automatically push new subscribers to your list—even to specific groups. You can also review all additions before syncing, and export the list right from the app.

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