I have added a new Name to my List on MailChimp – How do I send the Newsletter to that Person?

Tony Staff asked 2 years ago

Hi Tony,

Thank you so much for yesterday’s Training on MailChimp!! Learned a lot. Wanting to put what I learned to practice now.  I was trying to send another person my newsletter.  I was able add them as a subscriber.

Done… however, I have been battling with sending off the newsletter. What do I do after adding them on.

Went to the Campaign… clicked on it.. nothing happened.  Tried to follow the syllabus… was not successful.

What is the next step to follow?  what section is it on…


Miki J

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Tony Staff answered 2 years ago

Dear Miki,

Once you send a Campaign, you cannot add a person to your list and then re-send the Campaign. You can only send a Campaign once.

After adding a new subscriber or a few subscribers to your list go to Campaigns and start a brand new Campaign. If the new Campaign is similar to a previously sent Campaign you may want to replicate it, for example:

Let’s assume that I have added your name (Miki) to my list. I then go to ‘Campaigns’ on the page that opens I scroll down to the Campaign I sent on 2018 Jan 29, I hover on the right hand side and click the down-arrow, then I click ‘Replicate’ and start a brand new Campaign (click on the screenshot below). The person I just added to my list (Miki) will receive my new Campaign (click on the screenshot below):

Trust the a.m. is of assistance.



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