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The Project: To Assist Melody Create Her New Blogging Website:

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Where did the time go ?

Almost f-i-f-t-y, divorced, mother of 2 and partner of 1. Brunette. Youngest of four girls and best friend to a blonde. Spiritual but not religious. I like the idea that we all have a witness to our lives. Someone that sticks close and observes our challenges, trials and accomplishments. This, “someone” encourages and chastises, motivates and inspires as we journey through our lives to help us to be the best person we can be. Continue on this journey with me.

Judy Purdy
Admin Manager

“Training was provided to Members of our Staff and it included in-house Training at our company premises as well as online Training. The Training entailed WordPress as well as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Thank you so much Tony”

Leading Edge Solutions is a software development and Consulting Company specialising in ERP Implementation, Business Consulting, Software Development and Network Management. https://les.co.za/

Featured photo by Octavian Dan on Unsplash

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