Sell Online with WordPress and WooCommerce – Two-Day Training Course

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In this Training Course you are going to learn how to easily use WooCommerce to create and manage your online store! Get your store up and running with secure payments, configurable shipping options, and more, out of the box–for free! Start selling from your online store now!

WooCommerce is free for you to download, use and modify. WooCommerce has become the most popular eCommerce software in the world because it’s easy to use for beginners and it comes with extremely powerful features. Since WooCommerce is open source, not only is it 100% free, but you also get complete freedom and control over your eCommerce website.

Notes and Video of the Training Course

Please note: Notes will be provided to all attendees and a video recording of the Training Course will also be provided to all attendees.  

To Attend you need to have the following:

  • A WordPress website (not the free version)
  • a desktop or a laptop with a mic
  • The meeting will be conducted on Zoom – you don’t need to download Zoom as you will be provided with a link.  

5 Sessions

This Training is going to be hosted over a total of 5 sessions, 1 hour/ session. Each session will be hosted on a Friday starting on the 22nd July 2022 from 11am to 12 noon. As a pre-launch offer the Training Course will be R50/ person/ training session. Book Now!

Lesson 1 (approx. 1 hour) – WooCommerce Settings, Orders and Customers

  • General
  • Products (General, Inventory, Advanced)
  • Tax – VAT (Tax Options, Standard Rates and Zero Rates)
  • Shipping (Shipping Zones)
  • Payments (PayFast, Direct Bank Transfer, other…)


WooCommerce Settings (cont.)

  • Payments and Privacy >
  • Emails
  • Advanced: Page setup,, Features
  • To delete Customers.

WooCommerce Blocks

WooCommerce Blocks >

reCaptcha – reCAPTCHA protects your website from fraud and abuse without creating friction

I strongly recommend that you use reCaptcha. reCaptcha may conflict with other reCaptcha plugins. I use Wordfence for my websites (the free version) and the reCaptcha has been enabled on my Wordfence plugin. I want to move to the paid version of Wordfence because I have been using Wordfence for many years and they have protected all my websites from serious cyberattacks!!!

The Cart Page

Note the following in my/ your Cart Page:

  • Allow your visitors to ‘Continue Shopping’
  • Your site visitors can very easily update their cart
  • display other products to your visitors

Lesson 2 (approx. 1 hour) – Products

Recap and Complete Lesson 1


Generate a Pay Now Button (Overview).

Your Website’s Theme – Customize WooCommerce 

Customize WooCommerce on your website’s theme.

WooCommerce Settings (Cont.)



Add New


  • System Status – WooCommerce database update done.

Note: Ensure you do a backup before updating.

  • Tools
  • Cart – It is very easy for your Client up date his/ her Cart


Cannot emphasize enough the importance of the following steps:

  • use JPG instead of PNG images
  • Main image: 600 px wide
  • Thumbnail images: 300 px wide
  • Resize your ‘featured image’ to about 1200px x 675 px with for example
  • DO NOT COMPRESS IMAGES MANUALLY – automatically compress images with a plugin instead.

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  1. Paddy

    Thanks, Tony, very informative and look forward to the next lessons to gain a better understanding of how WooCommerce links in with WordPress

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