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Private Training

Whether you need a full session One-on-One private Training or you may have a quick question 🙋 concerning your website… It could be WordPress related, Email Marketing with MailChimp, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), WooCommerce or other… you spent time searching for the answer to no avail. Time is money and you now need to resolve the issue without wasting any more time or…

Starting 15th September 2022



Full Session (4-5 Hours)* R950

*1 x 4-5hour session or 2 x 2h 30 min sessions

Private Group Training (4-5 hours)

Need a quote for training for a group in your company? Please complete the ‘Contact Form’ or send me a WhatsApp message:

One-on-One Private or Group Training hosted on Zoom

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  1. Martin Thomas – Johannesburg – DJ for all types of corporate and private functions.

    Another follow up session with Tony completed, I’m definitely feeling a lot more comfortable building my own WordPress website. Thanks Tony, your patience is immeasurable, and I would highly recommend this training to all.

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