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Laura Leigh SEO-2015 April 22 – May 19

Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing Dashboard-2015_Ap_May

Google Webmasters Tools

Search Traffic – Search Analytics


Screenshot 1

An upward trend on the  number of clicks totaling  222 clicks for the period (22 April 2015-19 May 2015).

Screenshot 2

People searched on Google for “Laura Leigh Photography”. The snippet for your website showed up and then 73 is the total number of times that people clicked on your snippet and were directed to your website:

Screenshot 3

People also searched for ‘leigh’, ‘memoire wedding’ and ‘leigh.com’ 1 click each:


Screenshot 1

The page that got the most clicks for the period (April 22 to May 19) was the homepage with 180 clicks, followed by merike-marcel with 7 and so on (if you add them all up you will get 222 clicks:

Screenshot 2


A well known fact: An ever increasing number of users are using their mobiles and tablets:

Search Traffic – Links to Your Site

Top 38 domains that have links to pages on your site (Screenshots 1, 2 and 3):

Search Appearance – Data Highlighter

‘Data Highlighter’ is a Google Ap that allows snippets to appear as ‘rich’ snippets on Google search:

AdWords Campaign – Ads and Clicks


Below the various Ads with corresponding clicks:

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