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Kathy Slamp – 2017 June 20

Dear Kathy,

Let us assume that I wanted to link the words ‘new article‘ to my latest post on my website  www.FitandFunNow.com and I would like that when someone clicks my link the article opens on a new tab.

It is quite easy:

Highlight the words ‘new article‘ above (please click on each of the screenshots below to enlarge them)

Click the hyperlink icon

On the window that opens, type the URL (or copy and paste) the URL of the page you want to direct your visitors to. In this example I want to direct the visitors to my article that has the following URL:

https://fitandfunnow.com/2017/06/18/do-you-know-the-benefits-of-walking/ >

So let’s type the correct URL in the box (or simply copy and paste):

and finally – click the gear icon (to the right of the box where we have just entered the URL ‘link options’):

and after clicking ‘link options’ on the panel that opens make sure that you:

  • check the box ‘Open link in a new tab’ and
  • click the ‘Update’ button.

and that’s it! Should you now click the words ‘new article’ on the paragraph below you will be directed to my latest post:

I have now linked the words ‘new article‘ to my latest post on my website  www.FitandFunNow.com.

Kathy, this way you can link any word, phrase and photos to another page on your own website or somebody else’s website (and opening on a new tab).

Unfortunately I cannot help you with Ads because I have no experience of how the Ads are setup – can Google help on this issue perhaps?

Kind regards,






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