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Dear Ilona,

When I saw the changes a few weeks ago, I didn’t like the new format and immediately I thought that you would not like it either.

On the “old format” one could see the photos as one scrolled down the page. Now you can’t and both you and I went out of our way to post beautiful photos to our events. This is a great pity!!!!

Another “annoying” point is that I had “What Fun Seekers are saying about this Meetup”. I would link the person’s name to his/ her profile. Now the link comes after the person’s comment. It really looks UNPROFESSIONAL.!!

Meetup says that they are still finalising the new format so I hope they will resolve these issues.

Meetup stated that the reason for the change is to make Meetup more “responsive” in other words to display better in ALL devices. We shall see…

One thing I like on the new format is that you can easily post your Meetup event on your Facebook page as well as tweet it (I do have a Twitter account) and this allows the Meetup event to show on Twitter as well which is good news.

The photos that we used to have on a page for example the Klipriviersberg hike are all still there. Below the main photo you will see dots. Each dot represents a photo. So if you click on another dot, another photo should display. But this feature is not working at this stage… I hope it will in time – I must say Meetup is a bit messy right now – I expected a better job from them.

On another event of mine all my photos were lost – terrible!!

On our Klipriviersberg hike all the photos are still there but only one photo displays at one time – Ilona, hover over one photo and 2 arrows will appear:

< back arrow as well as

forward arrow

Have a look below (click on a screenshot below to enlarge it):

Do you see the < back arrow and the >forward arrow on the photo above? Now, I am going to click on the > forward arrow and the next photo will display:

Got it?

So, as you see Ilona on this particular event all the old photos are sill there BUT in the new format I don’t see where one can add more than 1 photo to a brand new event. I hope that Meetup realises that allowing an Event Host to add more than 1 photo to any event is VERY IMPORTANT!! We shall see in time.

Ilona, you event is still there:  https://www.meetup.com/FunSeekers-Johannesburg/events/hxscgpyxcbkc/ >  BUT you beautiful photos are gone (there is only one photo – the others disappeared…). Terrible!! WHAT A S@#T!!

To edit your event, click the link below

https://www.meetup.com/FunSeekers-Johannesburg/events/hxscgpyxcbkc/ >

and when the page opens, click ‘Organizer Tools’  (refer screenshot below):


When you click ‘Organiser Tools’ a drop-down appears. On the drop-down click ‘Edit Meetup’. Refer the screenshot below:


The edit page opens and go ahead and do the editing (whatever changes you need to make).

To see all the Attendees click ‘Manage’ – refer screenshot below:

You will get more and more used to the new format as you use it – there are a couple of things I hope Meetup will bring from the “old format” – we shall see…



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