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If you have a WordPress Website make sure you have these

If you have a WordPress Website Make sure you have These

You created a website and over the years you have added products, services, articles, plugins and all the rest that goes with keeping a website up and running. You have worked hard and the last thing you want is when you try to access your website… it is simply… “gone”!

It doesn’t exist anymore. You hosting company had “guaranteed” that they would backup your website regularly but when you phone your hosting company they now say that unfortunately they cannot restore your website…

Bad… very bad!

There are various reasons why your website “is no longer there”. It could have been hacked; there could have been a conflict between plugins or the hosting company went out of business… (as improbable as it may seem).

If you have a WordPress website it is ESSENTIAL that you have the following:

  1. a good hosting company
  2. a good ‘Backup and Restore’ plugin
  3. a good ‘security’ plugin and
  4. a ‘https’ certificate

Hosting Company

I have used different hosting companies for my sites and I have heard numerous reports of the effectiveness or otherwise of hosting companies from Clients.

The hosting companies I recommend:

Internationally (if you are hosting your website in the United States, Canada or in Europe):

BlueHost, Hetzner or WordPress. All three are excellent!

In South Africa (if you are hosting with a South African company)

Xneelo (used to be called Hetzner South Africa). T

Besides the large corporate (Xneelo) there are also individuals who buy hosting packages from hosting companies and then host your website for you. Many of these individuals are competent Developers you can trust. If you have such a Developer on your side then he/ she will make your life a little easier.

Backup and Restore

There are various effective Backup and Restore plugins. You need a good plugin that will protect your content, themes and settings with real-time backup.

Two reputable Backup and Restore plugins are VaultPress and UpdraftPlus. Each of them will back your entire website on a daily basis and if you have set it correctly you will be able to restore your website at a click of a button. You can choose to restore your website as it was the previous day or the previous week or the previous month.

Your VaultPress will cost you US$41 for 12 months (paid upfront). There are over 80,000 installations of VaultPress.

UpdraftPlus has a free version and a paid version. UpdraftPlus has over 2 million active installations.


There are various reputable security plugins. My choice is Wordfence. Wordfence has a free version and a paid version. The free version will do for most websites.

There are over 3 million active installations of Wordfence.

A https Certificate

If you have a good hosting company, just phone them and ask to have your http website moved to https. They will do it whilst you are on the phone.

There is a free https certificate and a premium https version. The free version is sufficient in most cases.

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