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HTML Tutorial - HTML Made Easy (Free Training Course)

HTML Tutorial – HTML Made Easy

Why Learn HTML?

It is time your learn code! HTML is the foundation of all web pages. It defines the structure of a page. Developers, marketers, anyone who has a website or anyone who would like to create a website will benefit by learning HTML.

You can create your own website on WordPress without code but knowing code will give you the edge.

Course Duration

4 weeks:

  • there are a total of 6 lessons that you will study on your own. You can do this at home or in the office, at your own pace and time. Set aside some 45mins to an hour a day to go through these lessons.
  • there are 4 Projects in total which we will be doing together on Zoom. One Project every week over 4 consecutive weeks, 10am – 11:30am (GMT+2).


We will follow the Codecademy HTML program. Sign up with Codecademy and you can then choose between the free version or the Pro version. You can learn HTML with either the free or the Pro version. The Pro version (about US$20/ moth) has all the lessons the free version offers plus Quizzes and Projects.

How does this HTML Tutorial Work?

  • Sign up with Codecademy and choose between the free version or the Pro Version
  • set aside about 1 hour a day to go through the Codecademy lessons
  • Over a 4 week period we will have a weekly Zoom meeting from 10am – 11:30am (GMT+2) for us to do the Projects together. Each Project encapsulates all you learnt in the previous lessons. 1 Project/ session – 4 sessions in total.

In other words, you study on your own throughout the week (as already mentioned set aside about 45 minutes to an hour every day) and then we come together once a week via Zoom.

For the Training Class on Zoom, a desktop or laptop is by far superior to a tablet or smartphone. Please ensure that your headset with microphone works well. There is no need for video.

During the Zoom Training I will be writing code and you will be doing the same at your end.

Please note: For the 4 Projects in this HTML Tutorial you can use Codecademy’s own Editor (free of charge). You may additionally wish to use HTML Code Editor, Notepad or any other Editor of your choice. HTML Code Editor and Notepad are also free.

How to Enroll and Course Fee

If you opt for the free version on Codecademy then… it is free! The fee for the four (4) Training meetings on Zoom is R950.00. To pay, click the ‘Buy Now’ button below and follow the prompts.


The 1st Project we will be doing together is entitled: ‘Fashion Blog’.

In preparation for the 1st Zoom Meeting you need to study the 2 lessons in the section titled ‘Elements and Structure‘ (when the page opens click ‘Syllabus’. On the ‘Syllabus’ page scroll down and you will see the heading ‘Elements and Structure’). The lessons are:

As already stated the 1st Project we will work on via Zoom is entitled: Fashion Blog. If you signed up with Codecademy PRO you will access the Fashion Blog here. If you signed up but you are on the free version of Codecademy you will be able to follow the project on our website >

Once you sign up with Codecademy and should you be interested in attending the live sessions on Zoom, please fill in the RSVP Form below and click the ‘Send RSVP’ button:

Additional Resources:

HTML Tutorial – Project 1: Fashion Blog >
HTML Code Editor >
HTML Tutorial – Completed Project: Fashion Blog >

I look forward to the live sessions on the HTML Projects with you!

Featured photo by Sigmund on Unsplash

4 thoughts on “HTML Tutorial – HTML Made Easy”

  1. Tony from WordPresstrainingjohannesburg.com and Codecademy taught me how to code In HTML. Tony is a great teacher and makes learning easy and fun. We spent 4 weeks together and Tony provided extra info and helpful tips. Its was a wonderful experience.

    1. Michelle, what a pleasure it was giving you training on HTML. You are a fast learner and I really enjoyed going through the Projects with you. Looking forward to doing CSS with you in May. Best wishes

  2. michelle olive coombes

    The course was very easy to follow and very enjoyable. Look forward to the next one. Thank you for the time and effort you put into this.

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