How to Easily Install WordPress with Hetzner

How to Easily Install WordPress with Hetzner

The complete installation won’t take more than 5 minutes.

Note: please click on the various screenshots to enlarge them.

Go to your Hetzner KonsoleH.

On the drop-down click ‘Software’, under ‘Applications’ click ‘WordPress Installer’.

Click ‘Start install’

Click ‘Start Installation’

Click ‘Finalise Installation’

Choose your language and click ‘Continue’

“Fill in the information below and you’ll be on your way to using the most extendable and powerful personal publishing platform in the world…”. Click ‘Install WordPress’

Enter your login details

You are now logged in and you have full access to the Admin Area of your brand new WordPress website. Congratulations!

Note: should your URL start with ‘http://’ phone Hetzner and ask them to change to ‘https://’.

The ‘s’ will provide your site with added security and also help you with your SEO. This is a free service.

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