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How to Delete a Gravatar Profile

How to DElete A Gravatar Profile

How to Delete a Gravatar Profile

Somehow I ended up with two Gravatar Profiles and the old one kept displaying every time a visitor clicked my Gravatar.

It is quite easy to delete a Gravatar Profile.

Visit your account by logging into WordPress.com with your username and go to https://wordpress.com/me/account. Once the page opens scroll down the page to “Close your account permanently” option at the bottom of the page.

Please note that once you use the aforementioned option, the following happens instantly:

  • The User Account is marked as deleted
  • The User is Logged out of WordPress.com
  • The User is notified by email that they closed their Account
  • Any sites the User owns are also deleted, and any Admin users on those sites are notified that the Site has been deleted
  • Any other sites the User has a role on have the users role revoked
  • The users Gravatar Profile is marked as deleted.

30 days later, WordPress will then purge the site content, images, user profile data from WordPress servers and the deletion is irreversible.

Please note that it is not possible to delete a Gravatar account without also deleting the associated WordPress.com account.

Should You Keep More Than One Gravatar Profile?

The answer is NO! I had 2 Gravatar Profiles. Whenever a visitor clicked my Gravatar Hovercard they were directed to my old Gravatar Profile.

In conclusion: Keep only one Gravatar Profile and delete any other you might have.

[Click the screenshot to enlarge it]

How to Delete an Old Gravatar Profile

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