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How to Add a MailChimp Signup form to a Facebook page

Use Facebook’s extensive user base of over two billion potential customers to build a list of subscribers for your email marketing list. You can easily do this by adding a MailChimp sign-up form to your Facebook Business page or Fan page.

Login to your MailChimp Dashboard and click ‘Audience’

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Click the icon next to ‘Help’ on the top right hand corner of the page. On the drop-down menu click ‘Account’

On the page that opens click ‘Integrations’

On the page that opens click the ‘Facebook’ icon

Do settings as per below:

Click ‘Save’. After clicking ‘Save’ click ‘Test Connection’

Click ‘Test Connection’

Go to your Facebook Business Page or Facebook Fan Page and you should be able to see the new tab on the menu:

Should you need to position the tab higher or lower on the menu – click ‘Settings’ (top of your Facebook page towards the right hand corner of the page)

On the page that opens, on the left hand side menu click ‘Templates and Tabs’

Once the ‘Templates and Tabs’ page opens on the right hand side column scroll down to the ‘Signup’ tab and drag it up or down the Menu.

Below how my Signup Form displays on my Facebook Business page

You can also view it on my Facebook Business page >

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