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Learn the best practices so that you can effectively reach customers across the Google Search and Display Networks.

Be found in more searches and use Google Ads to grow your business. Set your own budget, promote your website and only pay when users click your Ad to visit your website or to call you.  

Discover additional features in the new Google Ads and learn how to get more interested visitors to your site. Currently, over 1 million businesses world-wide use Google Ads. There are over 4 billion searches on Google every day. You cannot afford not having an Ad Campaign on Google.

Search Network

Standard Ad Group: ‘Expanded Text Ads’ and ‘Responsive Search Ads’

1. Create a Campaign
2. Create an Ad Group
3. Create 2 Ads. The 2nd Ad gives you up to 15 headings and 4 descriptions
Best Practices

Keywords, Negative Keywords and Search Terms Report

1. When to use Broad Match, Phrase Match, Exact Match and Broad Match Modifier
2. Why use Negative Keywords
3. The Importance of the Search Terms Report

Dynamic Ad Group: ‘Expanded Dynamic Search Ads’

1. Categories
2. Specific web pages
3. All webpages
Best Practices

Display Network

Responsive Display Ads

1. Learn how to create Responsive Display Ads to serve the right messages to the right customers across the Google Display Network
2. Creative Best Practices for Responsive Display Ads
What you need to have to attend this Online Training

Online Training from the comfort of your own home or office: convenient, effective and safe! Skype is easy to use and very user-friendly. Should you not have downloaded Skype yet, I will send you a Skype invitation link in order for us to communicate (you don’t need to download Skype). All you need is a desktop or laptop and headphones with microphone.


This is hands-on training. During this workshop you will be creating one or more Campaigns, Ad Groups and Ads focusing on the latest Google updates on Expanded Text Ads, Responsive Search Ads, Expanded Dynamic Search Ads and Responsive Display Ads to launch immediately or to save and use later.

Learn How to Create and Manage Your Own Google Campaigns!

Training Session(s)

One Session: 9:30 am – 2:30pm

or two sessions: 9:30am – 12pm each session.

Training Fee (Total): R690


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    1. Thank you Sir. An absolute pleasure giving you training. Much success with your Campaigns on Google Ads and I look forward to giving you Training again next week Friday.

  1. Created my first responsive search and responsive display advert and learnt about the reports function. Thanks again Tony.

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