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Eulogy to Mini

When I moved to the United States a couple of years ago Mini, my fox terrier stopped eating and passed away. I like animals but dogs are my favourites. In our household we always had dogs. Alicinha, Mena and Nelson will remember ‘Tejo’ in Beira and friends from LM will recall ‘Lassie’ and ‘Matola’…

During the five years I lived in the States I would visit Johannesburg about 3 times a year. My parents got a Jack Russell that very much resembled my ‘Mini’ and we called the new dog ‘Mini’. . She was intelligent, playful and loyal.

We also have ‘Milo’ a cross breed fox terrier. ‘Milo’ was double Mini’s size ‘Mini’ but he was frighten of her. Mini was the “Queen” of our garden…

Milo checks out Mini
Milo was twice Mini’s size but she was arguably the “Queen” of the garden.

Mini started losing weight two months ago. Last Friday the Doctor informed me that Mini had kidney failure, liver failure and that the cancer has spread everywhere. I didn’t want Mini to be put down. “while there is life there’ s hope” the saying goes. I picked up Mini at the SPCA (where she was very well looked after – kudus to everyone at the SPCA Booysens!) and brought Mini home.

As I was driving home with Mini lying on the seat next to me I told Mini how much I liked her and thanked her for the beautiful dog she was to me and especially to my Mom. When My Mom was very ill a few years ago Mini had a way of jumping into my parents’ bed, wag her tail and look at my Mom as to say “I really like you”. I guess Mini contributed to my Mom living a bit longer…

Mini was gravely ill. I laid her on her mat on Friday as I got home and she didn’t move but on Saturday she walked a few steps. I took her to the garden a few times, fed her some tinned food recommended by the Vet. On Sunday she seemed to be even better – walking a bit more. She no longer cried of pain even though I was not administering morphine (she was on morphine and on a drip whilst at the SPCA).

Tonight as I was preparing dinner I was amazed as she walked right around the kitchen (walking very slowly). She then lied down next to me in the same spot where she would always sit when I was having dinner. I couldn’t believe it!! I thought I was witnessing a miracle but…. It was Mini’s way of saying farewell. After dinner I quickly had to go to a BP garage to get electricity for our pre-paid meter and 20 minutes later as I entered the kitchen Mini was lying down peacefully.

I miss her… but I thank God for giving me Mini even though for just 8 short years. Is Mini in Heaven? I bet, she went to my Mom! Rest in Peace beautiful friend.

Farewell to Mini – 3 August 2015

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