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HTML Introduction

What is HTML; HTML Tags; HTML Page Structure; HTML Versions; The <!DOCTYPE> Declaration.

HTML Editors

Write HTML Using Notepad or TextEdit.

HTML Basic Examples

HTML Documents; HTML Headings; HTML Paragraphs; HTML Links; HTML Images.

HTML Elements

Nested HTML Elements; HTML Examples Explained; Empty HTML Elements.

HTML Attributes

The lang Attribute; the title Attribute; the href Attribute; Size Attributes; the alt Attribute.

The alt Attribute

HTML Horizontal Rules; the HTML <head> Element; the HTML <title> Element; the HTML <meta> Element.

HTML Paragraphs

HTML Display; HTML Line Breaks; the Poem Problem; the HTML <pre> Element.

HTML Styles

The HTML Style Attribute; HTML Text Color; HTML Text Fonts; HTML Text Fonts; HTML Text Alignment.


This is a hands-on Workshop and you will be testing yourself with exercises.

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