Create Free Website Part 2

Create Free Website Part 2

In ‘Create Free Website Part 2’ we do a recap of material learnt during the Training Course ‘Create Free Website’; a session to answer your questions; a detailed analysis of your Pages and Posts and analysis of your website Stats.

This Workshop is for anyone who already attended the Training Course:Create Free Website

Q & A Session

A recap of material learnt during ‘Create Free Website’ and a session to answer your questions.

Pages & Posts

  • Screen Options (enabling ‘Discussion’, ‘Slug’, ‘Author’, ‘Likes and Shares’)
  • Title
  • Permalink/ slug
  • Editor
  • Paragraph and Heading 1 to Heading 6
  • Internal and external links
  • Insert ‘Read More’ tag
  • The difference between ‘Visual’ and Text’
  • Categories
  • Editing Categories
  • Tags
  • Page Attributes
  • Publish (Public, Password protected, Private)
  • Revisions- why revisions are important.


  • All Users (settings, edit, change roles)
  • Add New
  • Your Profile (settings, Gravatar, other…)

Media – Photos & Videos

  • Featured Image
  • Media Library
  • Upload Files
  • Title, Alt Text, Caption, Description
  • Create Gallery
  • Edit Gallery/ Add to Gallery
  • Gallery Settings (Link to, Size, Type)
  • Embedding Videos. Changing video dimensions.


  • Important widgets to activate.


  • Mobile – display your site on all devices.


  • Create/ select Menu
  • Menu Structure (Menu and drop-downs).


An in-depth look into important Stats in your website’s Admin Area:

  • Reader
  • Traffic
  • Insights
  • Views on Posts & Pages
  • Countries – where are visitors coming from?
  • Referrers – who refers visitors to your website?
  • Followers

Link Exchanges

  • Have you got quality content?

Refreshments: Snacks and refreshments will be served.

What to bring: a lap-top and a mouse (a tablet is useless for this type of training). There is WiFi at the venue.

Hands-on: This is a hands-on Event. During this workshop you will improve the effectiveness of your Pages and Posts.

Duration: 9am – 1pm

or purchase the 2 valuable Training Courses: ‘Create Free Website’ + ‘Create Free Webite Part 2’ at a discounted rate of R800 and save!

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Meet new friends and improve your WordPress skills.

8 thoughts on “Create Free Website Part 2”

  1. Tony’s teaching was very thorough and helpful. I enjoyed both part 1 and part 2, and felt that running the course in two parts allowed me to practice what I had be taught and have all my questions answered during the second part. Tony was very hospitable and friendly which made the training very enjoyable.

    1. Dear Penny, thank you for attending ‘Create Free Website’ as well as ‘Create Free Website Part 2’. I totally agree with you that having the two sessions allows Participants to create Pages and Posts on their own time and then return for Session 2 to get answers to their questions as well as to learn new material. You have a beautiful website. Best wishes with your work. TT

  2. Many thanks Tony for an informative course. I support your decision to present this course in two parts as there is a lot to take in. Looking forward to continued development of my site. See you in the future for one of your other courses namely: SEO, ADWORDS, SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING, etc.

    1. Great having you here Steven. I think you have a market niche that will grow. Much success with your website and work. Look forward to seeing you at upcoming Training Courses. TT

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