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Optimize your Images - WordPress Speed Optimization-1-Featured

Optimize Your Images – WordPress Speed Optimization

For a fast website you need to optimize images before uploading them to your site as well as optimize them once they are on your site.

Optimize Images Before Uploading Them to Your Site

Even though a PNG image and a JPG image look very much the same, they are, in fact, very different in terms of the way the actual image is stored. Let’s not get into the boring technical details here, and instead just focus on what the difference is in practical terms:

  • JPG images are great for all kinds of photos and graphics that feature multiple colors, color transitions, shades – a lot of color info overall.
  • PNG images are great for low-color info images – this means things like interface screenshots and simple graphics.

JPG Images

The image below has the following dimensions:

  • width: 1920 px
  • height: 1280
  • size: 255 KB
Optimize your Images - WordPress Speed Optimization-1-resized from 1920x1280 to 960x640

The image below has the following dimensions:

  • width: 960 px
  • height: 640 px
  • size: 40,5 KB

The image is now 84% smaller without losing quality.

Find the Perfect Image with Free Photos-Part 2-Instant Images for Unsplash Uploads

In this video we are going to discuss an important plugin that enables easy Unsplash photo uploads to your media library, pages and posts in other words you upload Unsplash photos without leaving your website.


[For high quality viewing hover over the video below and click on the square on the bottom right hand corner of the video]

Featured photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash and edited on Canva

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Experience fast and secure online payments from anywhere in the world with South Africa’s leading payment gateway. The PayFast extension for WooCommerce enables you to accept payments by Credit Card and EFT via South Africa’s most popular payment gateway. No setup fees or monthly subscription costs.

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The Envato Elements Plugin – The Good And The Not So Good

The Good

Envato Elements literally means millions of Creative Assets! Envato Elements is phenomenal and can help you as a creative if you are a graphic designer or you create websites for customers and need a huge amount of digital assets. This could well probably be the best digital assets website based on: 1) quantity of assets, 2) quality of assets and 3) price.

Their immense digital assets for creative include (just check the numbers below):

  • 1,6 million stock videos
  • 72K audio tracks
  • 500K sound effects
  • Over 32K motion graphics templates
  • 52 million stock images
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