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Can I Use WooCommerce Blocks and PayFast Buttons on the Same Website

Can I Use WooCommerce Blocks and PayFast Buttons on the Same Website?

Yes, you can use WooCommerce blocks and PayFast buttons on the same website.

I used WooCommerce a few years ago. I then moved to Shopify (used Shopify for 4 years) and eventually decided to only use PayFast buttons.

WooCommerce (USA), Shopify (Canada), and PayFast (South Africa) are all excellent!!!

Keep in mind that if you have a South African based business, even if you are using WooCommerce/ Shopify/ other, you still need to use a South African payment gateway such as PayFast. It is very easy to link PayFast to WooCommerce and it is equally easy to link PayFast to Shopify.

eCommerce platforms such as WooCommerce and Shopify add many features to your clients’ shopping experience when they visit your website. These features are not available on PayFast.

I am now re-installing and setting up WooCommerce in 2 of my websites but on my ‘Private Training’ page I will continue to use PayFast buttons because they provide the features I need for this particular page. To view the ‘Private Training’ page on my site, click the following link:

Private Training >

In conclusion: it’s not ‘either or’ – it is not either WooCommerce or PayFast. One can use both WooCommerce blocks as well as PayFast buttons on the same website.

I trust the a.m. is of assistance.


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