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Increase Your Website Traffic-How I got 100,000 Pageviews

Increase Your Website Traffic – How I got 100,000 Pageviews

Increase Your Website Traffic – During the past 2 years my websites have experienced a marked increase in traffic mainly because I now post more regularly as well as due to improvements I now make prior to publishing a new blog or page.

One of my websites https://fitandfunnow.com reached 100,000 pageviews and the other site https://www.wordpresstrainingjohannesburg.com isn’t far behind.

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There has been a marked increase in traffic in the past two years mainly because I started posting more regularly as well as due to improvements I now make when preparing to publish a new blog or page. Notice the large traffic increase in 2020 as well as 2021. This post you are now reading is being published in early July 2021 and pageviews for the first 6 months this year surpass those in previous years [click on screenshot below to enlarge].

How to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Do you Blog - The Kensington Jacaranda Walk 2020

Do you Blog?

Do you Blog? A Blog Post can be a personal diary, a project collaboration tool, a guide or any means of communicating and publishing information on the web. Blogging and posting relevant content is an incredibly useful tool to increase traffic to your website and to your services. That helps with SEO immensely because it gives Google and other search engines a reason to re-crawl your website to find new content to index.

You may wish to write about a walk you had with family and friends, a recipe you tried, a new workout or you may wish to promote a new service or product. You can write about anything. Everyone is doing it… be it for work or as a hobby.

Facebook Insights Tips

Facebook INSIGHTS tips

Facebook has a powerful and free analytics tool – Facebook Insights – that allows you to easily measure the performance of your Business Page. Insights tracks likes, page views, reach and more. Regardless of what your goals are on Facebook: building brand awareness, communicating with customers or getting followers to take an action, Facebook Analytics will help you understand who your most engaged audience is and how they’re interacting with your page.

Social Media displaces Phone Calls and emails in the UK

Social Media displaces Phone Calls and emails in the UK

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Teens and adults in the UK aged 16-24 spend the majority of their time communicating via social media on their mobile devices, according to a recent Ofcom report.

This is a major departure from the communication habits of older age groups in the UK, and highlights how social networks and messaging platforms are changing consumer behaviors.

  • The study found that, on average, UK teens and adults aged 16-24 spend an average of 4 hours and 14 minutes communicating daily. That’s almost double the average of social media time spent among all adults, which clocks in at 2 hours and 10 minutes.
  • Most of this time is spent in social networks and messaging apps for the youngest demographic. The youngest cohort, 16-24 year olds, spend the majority of their time communicating through social networks (27%) and messaging services (35%).
  • Older age groups showed a propensity to spend more texting, using email, and calling. For those 25+, the majority of time is spent communicating through email (35% UK average) and phone or video calls (20% UK average).
  • The decline of emailing and phone calls in the younger age bracket appears to be due to the rise in instant/photo/video messaging and social networking.

The varying behavior among different age groups is likely attributable in part to the tendency for younger generations to look to “umbrella services,” or larger services that bundle tools that enable them to complete a number of daily tasks. A user on Facebook or Facebook Messenger, for example, could place a video or phone call, send personal messages or business-related messages, and interact with social content like pictures, video, and posts from friends, without ever departing the Facebook ecosystem.

Source: Social media displaces phone calls and emails in the UK – Business Insider

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