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If you have a WordPress Website Make sure you have These

You created a website and over the years you have added products, services, articles, plugins and all the rest that goes with keeping a website up and running. You have worked hard and the last thing you want is when you try to access your website… it is simply… “gone”!

It doesn’t exist anymore. You hosting company had “guaranteed” that they would backup your website regularly but when you phone your hosting company they now say that unfortunately they cannot restore your website…

Bad… very bad!

There are various reasons why your website “is no longer there”. It could have been hacked; there could have been a conflict between plugins or the hosting company went out of business… (as improbable as it may seem).

If you have a WordPress website it is ESSENTIAL that you have the following:

  1. a good hosting company
  2. a good ‘Backup and Restore’ plugin
  3. a good ‘security’ plugin and
  4. a ‘https’ certificate

Why do I ENJOY WORKING with HetzneR?

Hetzner is a reputable hosting company with competent, friendly people. This is applicable to Hetzner South Africa and to Hetzner anywhere in the world.

Over the past few years I have experienced different hosting companies. It is incredibly frustrating when you are notified that “your website is down…”. This is not just bad for one’s visitors and Clients but very bad for your site rankings on Google and other search engines.

I have never had this problem with Hetzner. No silly excuses – everything just works!

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