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Branding your Business-Laura Leigh

April 30, 2015

Dear Laura,

Laura Leigh-Google Search-2015 April 30

It is FANTASTIC (surprising in fact) that your recent article “Four Seasons Hotel Westcliff…” has been picked up so quickly by Google. It normally takes a month or two…

Let me explain:

When you post a new shoot, one of the things I do it to submit that page to Google so that Google can crawl your latest page. After I do the submission it normally takes a day or 2 for Google to index the new page. BUT after indexing it may take Google weeks before it displays the results on search (and it may eventually display on say page 2 or 3). Should a person not submit to ‘Fetch as Google’ Google will eventually find the page/ blog but it will take even longer…

So I am pleased that a snippet with your Westcliff Wedding is already displaying on Google search.

The one problem remains that even though we are doing everything else correctly viz: 1) Webmaster Tools 2) Social Media Marketing and 3) Google AdWords – it may take some more weeks before all this work starts showing on Google Search correctly


something that needs urgent attention is Yoast SEO on each of the articles you post to Laura-Leigh.com.

From a user’s perspective nobody can create a page as beautiful as what you and your Developer have done.

From a Yoast SEO the page is poor as per the reasons I mentioned on an earlier email this week.  I remember that when you activated SEO Yoast at my place there was conflict and the page broke. Yoast issues new versions of the plugin regularly to eliminate bugs and other issues. Your Developer may be interested in trying to deactivate WordPress SEO plugin > delete and then > re-install it and see if there is no more conflict.

There are 2 more options:

Purchase the Premium version of WordPress SEO at US$89 (too expensive – I would not recommend it):


The other option is the one I did with your latest article: I re-create your Blog on MyBusinessNetworking and then I can send you the screenshot so that you can update your article accordingly (this will be time-consuming though). I do a SEO test every time I post an article so it doesn’t cost me anything posting you a copy also.

Obviously the ideal situation would be for you to have WordPress SEO plugin working properly so that you can see for yourself how your article scores for search engines and do the updates straight away.

Please note that SEO is a combination of: Effective SEO on every page/ blog one creates (WordPress SEO by Yoast is very good at this); manage Webmaster Tools; manage AdWords and Social Media Marketing  – in my opinion we are working hard on all these fronts.

Lastly there are various features that will be added going forward, one of them being ‘Business Address’. Having your physical address on Google Places influences ranking positively. It took 8 months for Google to start displaying my address – but it certainly helps with leads.

Kind regards,



Dear Laura,

Trust you are keeping well. Below please find a summary of some of the highlights for April. Screenshots do not show up on emails thus the reason for me to create this page for you on WordPressTrainingJohannesburg. Once you read it I will change this page from ‘public’ to ‘private’ so that search engines do not index this page (this page is just for you and nobody else):

SEO-Google Webmaster Tools: April 2015

Top Queries

Google Webmaster Tools-Laura-Top Queries-2015 April

I am pleased to see that ‘Laura Leigh Photography’ and ‘Laura Leigh Photography South Africa’ have now received more clicks than ‘Laura Leigh’ (the actress). These queries also have a very high ‘Av. Position’ which is great.

Top Pages

Google Webmaster Tools-Laura-Top Pages-2015 April

Your homepage got 110 clicks which is good. But then it doesn’t show any clicks for ‘http://www.laura-leigh.com/sarah-chad-wedding-at-four-seasons-westcliff-hotel’ which is strange – this page has 5 ‘Responses’ meaning that at least 5 people (4+1) have clicked on it. Maybe Google hasn’t crawled this page as yet so I submitted the page as ‘Fetch as Google’ (for re-crawling):

Google Webmaster Tools-Laura-Fetch as Google-2015 April

 Data Highlighter – Sarah and Chad

Google Webmaster Tools-Laura-Data Highlighter-Sarah and Chad

This enables rich snippets on Google search – it may take a month or two before they appear as rich snippets on Google Search.

Links to your Site

Total links: 468. This is great! But let’s have more great sites linking to Laura-leigh.com. I am particularly pleased that there are links from Google.com, WordPress.com, Pintertest.com and Linkedin.com.

Laura, will you pls go over the screenshots below and note all the sites linking to Laura-Leigh.com.

Google Webmaster Tools-Laura-Links-2015 April

Google Webemaster Tools-Laura-Links_2-2015 April

Mobile Usability

  • Laura-Leigh.com is mobile-friendly. Great!
  • 0 Pages with errors. Good!


Site Errors: No errors detected in the last 90 days. Nice!

Crawl Stats

Time spent downloading a page (in milliseconds): 1,086 (average) (a bit high).


Laura-Leigh.com has received a total of 94 clicks through AdWords. The Ad with the most clicks, 51 (thus being the Ad with the highest number of clicks by far) is shown on the screenshot below:

Google AdWords-Laura-Ad Group-2015 April

Google AdWords-Laura-Ad Group-2015 April_2

Social Media Marketing


Wedding Photography & Boudoir Photography South Africa (Google+ Page)

25 Followers and 1346 views – the probability is high that in another month or two this group as well the Community group (refer below) will become the two largest Wedding Photography Google Groups (in South Africa).


Laura Leigh Wedding Photography South Africa (Google Community)

27 Members!


Kind regards,


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