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Free Online Photo Editor

Another question I often get relates to photo editing. What is the best online photo editor?

The probability is high that Adobe Photoshop has the world’s best imaging and photo editing software. But it is not free and it has quite a steep learning curve.

There are a number of free online photo editors, one of the best-known being Canva. Besides being free, Canva is easy to use.

Free Online Photo Editor

With Canva‘s drag-and-drop feature and layouts to design, you can share and print business cards, logos, presentations and more. It has many features – you can create:

  • Poster
  • Flyer
  • Resume
  • Web Banner
  • Presentation
  • Invitation
  • Photo Collage
  • Social Graphic
  • Poster and so much more on your own or with your Team.

This is not a tutorial on canva. The objective is to show how easy it is to edit an image you already got:

How do I edit the image below to have 2 lines of text that reads: ‘Terrier dog enjoying driver’s seat’? I would like the text to be in blue and at the top and centre of the image. To view the edited image please scroll down to the bottom of this post.

Go to and register (click on any screenshot below to enlarge it).

What do you do? Choose one.

Invite your Team (you don’t actually need to invite anyone should you not be working in a group)

Choose what you would like to create

or just click ‘More’ if you want to edit an existing image > on the page that opens click ‘Use custom dimensions’ >

On the page that opens, enter the width and height of your image. In my case, let’s assume I would like to edit my 1024 x 768px image >

Click ‘Design’ > on the page that opens click ‘Uploads’ > click ‘Upload your own image’

Click on the image you have just uploaded > click ‘Text’

Click or drag to add text  (I chose ‘Add subheading) > Type text: for example ‘Terrier dog enjoying the driver’s seat’.

Should you need to edit further… go ahead and enjoy!

On the top right hand corner of the page click ‘Download’ > on the drop-down menu click ‘Download’

You can also access your photo on Android or iphone

Open your download > click the ‘…’ > on the drop-down, click ‘Save as…’

Go to your folder and open the image

The example above was just very basic editing. Canva offers many useful features and you can do very fine editing should you need to.

And that is it ladies and gentlemen. Trust the aforementioned is of some help. Cheers!

Can I Source on Google, Free Photos for My Website?

One of the questions I get the most often is: “Can I source on Google, free photos for my website”. The answer is: yes, you can!

Two of the most respected (and inspiring) resources for free stock photos include Unsplash and pixabay. Additionally you can also source beautiful free images on Google.

It is quite simple. Click on any screenshot below to enlarge it.

Let us assume that you are interested in free photos of ‘Terrier dogs’ for your website.

Go to and type ‘Terrier dogs’

when the page opens click ‘Tools’ > click ‘Usage rights’ > click ‘Labeled for reuse’

Let’s assume that you would like an image 1024×768. Click ‘Size’ > click ‘Exactly’ >

Enter ‘width’: 1024 and enter ‘height’ 768 > click ‘Go’

Choose the photo and click on it

On the page that opens click ‘View image’

On the page that opens you can ‘Save image as’ (hover over the image and right click on the image and choose ‘save image as’).

Can I Source on Google Free Photos for My Website

And that’s it. I trust the aforementioned is of some assistance.

Email Design Guide – MailChimp

The Email Design Guide is filled with tips and advice to help you convey your message in style. Learn how to better use images, fonts, calls to action and more.

Easy to read useful tips for your MailChimp Newsletters.

Source: Email Design Guide

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Yoast SEO 3.3: Content Analysis

Yoast SEO 3.3 has many new features. The most important improvement is the new content analysis: Yoast SEO checks both the readability and the SEO-friendliness of your articles.

If you hit the content tab, you will find 6 brand new content checks. These checks will help you write more readable texts. The plugin checks sentence length, paragraph length and your use of subheadings amongst many other essential SEO features.

Congrats to Team Yoast – ‘Yoast SEO’ is arguably the best SEO plugin there is!

Source: Yoast SEO 3.3: content analysis • Yoast

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MailChimp for WordPress — WordPress Plugins

I downloaded and activated the ‘MailChimp for WordPress’ plugin in WordPress Training Johanneburg. It is easy to install, it is fast and it works. I had previously installed a MailChimp form and widget directly from MailChimp but I also wanted to give Users the option to quickly subscribe to the Newsletter from a comment form.

The ‘MailChimp for WordPress’ plugin helps you add more subscribers to your MailChimp lists using various methods. You can create good looking opt-in forms or integrate with any other form on your site, such as comment, contact or checkout form.

This is a 5-Star rating plugin!

Source: MailChimp for WordPress — WordPress Plugins

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Why We Use MailChimp – MailChimp Review

WPBeginner reviews MailChimp, an excellent email marketing service that lets you design, send, and track HTML email campaigns with their easy to use UI.

Source: Why We Use MailChimp – MailChimp Review

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Here Are 5 Reasons Why Email Marketing Still Matters |

Top 5 Reasons Why Email Marketing Still WorksThese five research-backed stats will convince you to start sending email content.

Source: Here Are 5 Reasons Why Email Marketing Still Matters |

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Top 10 Most Important Google Analytics Reports

There is so much data available that you can sometimes get a little lost and not know what you should be focusing on; so this blog post is here to help you know the main areas to look at for the valuable information. This is particularly important now that some SEO tool companies are removing their rank tracking services – this post will help you identify data that is more valuable than rank reports!

This is an easy to read, useful article – read more >

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Keywords vs. Search Queries: What’s the Difference?

Keywords vs. Search Queries: What's the Difference?

In casual conversation, the terms “keyword” and “search query” are often used interchangeably, but there is actually a difference. So what is the difference between a keyword and a search query?

A search term is the exact word or set of words a customer enters when searching on or one of Google’s Search Network sites.

Search Terms = Search Queries

A keyword is the word or set of words AdWords advertisers create for a given ad group to target their ads to customers.

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Source: Keywords vs. Search Queries: What’s the Difference? | WordStream

A Beautiful Wedding Theme from WordPress

“Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.” — Maya Angelou

Source: William & Katherine – “Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.” — Maya Angelou

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