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Astra Theme – Why and How to Use It

Use the Astra Theme to Build Beautiful Websites in no time!

Astra has quickly risen to become one of the most popular WordPress themes for many good reasons: Astra is free, fast, and easy to adapt to different uses thanks to the detailed WordPress Customizer settings and huge number of importable demo sites. Over 1 million users now use Astra.

Out of the box, Astra is amazingly responsive and designed with readability in mind. Besides tons of features, Astra makes WooCommerce a breeze.

Astra Theme - Why and How to Use It

This Training Course:

We go over the settings in great detail:


  • Typography
  • Colours
  • Container
  • Buttons


  • Site Identity
  • Primary Header
  • Primary Menu
  • Transparent Header


  • Position
  • Breadcrumb Source
  • Alignment
  • Spacing
  • Content


  • Blog/Archive
  • Single Post


  • Default Layout
  • Paged
  • Blog Posts
  • Archives
  • Sidebar Width


  • Footer Widgets
  • Footer Bar


  • Primary Menu
  • Footer Menu


Homepage Settings

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What you need to have to attend this Online Training

Online Training from the comfort of your own home or office: convenient, effective and safe! Skype is easy to use and very user-friendly. Should you not have downloaded Skype yet, I will send you a Skype invitation link in order for us to communicate (you don’t need to download Skype). All you need is a desktop or laptop and headphones with microphone.


This is hands-on training. During this workshop you will be learning how to install and setup Astra, one of the top WordPress themes.

Learn How to Use Astra Effectively to Help You Create beautiful websites!

Training Session(s)

One Session: 9:30 am – 1:30pm

or two sessions: 9:30am – 11:30am each session.

Training Fee (Total): R690


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