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How to Use Google Keyword Planner – Discover New Keywords


Keyword Planner is an essential tool for anyone who has a website. Keyword Planner is FREE!

Keyword Planner will assist you in finding the right keywords should you wish to:

  • Create Ads in Google Ads

  • or publish a Blog Post to the internet. 

What this Video Covers – Discover New Keywords

  • Keywords you Provided

  • Keyword ideas

  • Average monthly searches

  • Competition

  • Top of page bid (low range and high range)

  • Charts (Search volume trends; breakdown by platforms and breakdown by locations)

  • Refine keywords

  • Locations

  • Language

  • Search networks (Google; Google and search partners)

  • Last 12 months (or custom).


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  1. Dear Tony,
    Thank you for the amazing content on this training it was very educational and insightful. will definitely be looking forward to some more training from you.

    1. Dear Ivone, it was absolutely fantastic being able to share a couple of ideas on WordPress.com Stats and Google Ads’ Keyword Planner with you. Best wishes with your new website.

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