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WordPress Training Johannesburg

Learn how to create a beautiful website, learn Email Marketing, Google Ads, Search Engine Optimization and more…

WordPress Training Johannesburg provides professional yet affordable:

1.  Online Web Training and Development and
2.  IT Consultancy Services

for individuals as well as small- and medium-size businesses.

Training courses are listed below. Click on a button for course details. We also prepare tailor-made training to meet your specific requirements. Contact us for details.

Study, Learn and Up-Skill Online with Experienced Instructor in the Comfort of Your Own Office or Study. Step-by-Step, Effective and Secure Training. Affordable Prices.

One-on-One Private Training or Group Training
At the end of the Training session you receive a recording of the Training you just attended
Training Courses can be combined in one Training session. You pay per Training session. For example you might be interested to attend a Training session to discuss WordPress, SEO and Google Ads (or any other Training).
You will be saving much time and money by not trying to learn on your own.
Anne Hilton
I really enjoyed this training! It is much more convenient learning online as I could stay right here at home and didn’t need to waste any time traveling or dressing up :-). Tony’s methodical training style and pleasant positive personality makes it easy for anyone to understand and follow the learning process.
Colé van Dais

Core Modules

Online Group Training as well as
One-on-One Training
(4 – 5 hours)

Create and Publish a WordPress Website

This training is for anyone who already has a self-hosted WordPress website and would like to learn how to customize and manage…

Create Free Website

Beginners Training Course – This training is for anyone who would like to create a brand new WordPress website as well as have the new website hosted for free…

Email Marketing with MailChimp – Free, Professional Newsletters

Reasons to use Email Marketing? Email Marketing with MailChimp is easy, effective, and inexpensive…

Google Ads (many new features added to the old ‘Google AdWords’)

Be Found in More Online Searches. Find Customers Online! Google Ads is arguably the most effective way to advertise a product and/ or service…

SEO-Search Engine Optimization Training Course

Optimizing your site to the best practices will help you improve your rankings in Google, Yahoo/ Bing and other search engines, gain more subscribers and…

Website Security – Learn How to Secure your WordPress Website

Website security should be one of the top priorities for anyone who owns a website or manages a website for someone else. Hackers constantly seek new entry…

WordPress Backup and Restore

Your WordPress backup is the single most important plugin of your entire site. Every Website Needs an Effective Backup.  Why backup? If your website is wiped-out due to a crash, hacking, failed upgrade or…    

Add-on Modules

Addon Online Training Courses

Akismet, Gravatar, Jetpack and Stats

If you have a WordPress website you have to have:
Akismet to prevent spam,
your Profile on Gravatar,
Jetpack which provides you with many free essential features and Stats for you to…

Astra Theme – Why and How to Use It

Use the Astra Theme to Build Beautiful Websites in no time! Astra has quickly risen to become one of the most popular WordPress themes for many good reasons: Astra is free, fast, and easy

Social Media Marketing (SMM) – How to Setup Google My Business

Get your free business listing on Google My Business to start building visibility in Google Search, Google Maps and other Google Properties. 

The Free Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg Plugin

Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg gives you a number of unique and creative blocks for Gutenberg that help you build and design pages or posts without a single line of code.

Refresher Modules

Online Refresher Training Courses
(4 – 5 hours)

Google Ads Refresher Training – Optimizing your Google Ads

Do you need to optimize existing Campaigns on Google Ads? During the Workshop we go over your existing Campaigns focusing on the performance of your campaigns…

WordPress Refresher Training

Join the WordPress Refresher Training and get answers to your questions. This Refresher Course is for anyone who has a WordPress website (either the free version WordPress or the self-hosted WordPress website)…

Learn Code

HTML Tutorial – HTML Made Easy
(4 Sessions – 1 Session/ week)

HTML Tutorial – HTML Made Easy

It is time your learn code! HTML and CSS are the basic programming languages for web development and design. Developers, marketers, anyone who has a website or anyone who would like to create a website will benefit by learning HTML.

Tailor-Made Training

Tailor-Made Training

SEO-Search Engine Optimization Consulting Services

SEO Consulting Services


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