One-on-One Private Training

One-on-One Private Training

One-on-One Private Training: 9am - 1pm (4 hours)

28 thoughts on “One-on-One Private Training”

  1. Thank you Tony for the extra one on one training today. Now I’m on the same page, excited to get going now.

    1. Tippie, it was great sharing WordPress with you and it was fascinating listening to your stories w.r.t. your work as a MasterChef in France and in the United States. I believe you will again be traveling to both countries in 2018. Much success! TT

    1. Absolutely fantastic seeing you again Peter. And your websites are looking very professional. Thanks again for yet another generous comment and I look forward to seeing you soon. TT

  2. I spent some of the most amazing hours with Tony in a one-on-one website training session. I have been blogging now for five months and this was by far the best training input that I have had, since I started.

    Tony is a true professional and as a trainer he is highly experienced, encouraging and very patient.

    Not only do I heartily recommend Tony, but I have already booked my next training session. I have also decided to attend specific training modules in the future.

    Thank you Tony, you are truly five star.

  3. The most productive day I have spent away from the office in years! Thank you so much Tony for sharing a wealth of information with me. Your patience, dedication and attention to details is phenomenal. The one-on- one private training sessions are really worth it and I will recommend you highly to all my friends and colleagues.

  4. Once again great progress made in advancing my SEO knowledge and tips and techniques for website layouts. Thanks Tony for being patient

  5. I’m visiting from the US and needed some help with WordPress. On the web I found this site and with it, Tony. Today I met with him for a full afternoon private lesson. He knows his stuff, was extremely helpful, patient, and kind with me as a novice, and I am sincerely grateful. It is with great ease recommend him to any beginner (like me) or advanced worker. He’s great! Thanks, Tony!

    1. Hi Kathy, thank you so much for your kind words. You are quite familiar with the many features of WordPress and you are a very fast learner. It was a great pleasure having you here. Take care and best wishes with your website. TT

  6. This is what I’ve been waiting for. There are always specific questions that one has and with the one-on-one training we covered them all and more. The training was focused on my issues, which is difficult to manage in a group. I gives this session a heads up and to anyone that needs to tie-up loose ends in their website development.

    What a great session!

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