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Google Analytics Training

Please note: in order to benefit from this trining you need to have a WordPress Website (hosted by AfriHost, Hetzner, BlueHost, etc…). If you have the free (hosting) version of WordPress – this training won’t help you as you won’t be able to download important Analytics plugins.

Google Analytics enables you to track visitors to your store.  

Google Analytics generates reports that will help you with your marketing thus ensuring that you make smart decisions to boost your business performance. Google Analytics Reports show you where the visitors to your site are coming from, what are they looking for, how do they flow through your site (which pages are they visiting), how much time do they spend on each page, where do they go after leaving your site and much more…

Make Google Analytics the central part of your business. Today’s changing customer behaviour due to the rapid growth of the internet and increased accessibility to information, has dramatically altered how business needs to approach measurement. How do you engage with your customers, how do you measure the effectiveness of those engagements?  

Google Analytics is the most widely used web analytics service on the Internet. Google Analytics Training will help you become a better practitioner of Digital Analytics in general and Google Analytics in particular.

Google Analytics Training 2

Downloading an Important Plugin

This plugin makes it easy to add Google Analytics tracking code to your WordPress website or Blog.

Google Analytics Training – Getting Started with Digital Analytics

The Importance of Digital Analytics

Core Analysis Techniques

Conversions and Conversion Attribution

Creating a Measurement Plan

Understanding and Using Google Analytics Data

How Google Analytics Works

Key Metrics and Dimensions Defined

Collecting Actionable Data with Google Analytics

Creating an Account

Understanding your Account Structure

Setting up Basic Filters

Setting up Goals and Ecommerce

Collecting Campaign Data

Navigating Google Analytics Reports

Reporting Overview

Audience Reports

Acquisition Reports

AdWords Reports

Behaviour Reports

Custom Reports and Dashboards

Google Analytics Training 4

There will be a tea break.

Hands-on: This is a hands-on Event.

What to bring: a lap-top and a mouse (a tablet is useless for this type of training). There is WiFi at the venue (but bring your 3G/ 4G plugin as backup, should you have one).

Google Analytics Training - Dr. David and Kathy Slamp
Dr. David and Kathy Slamp

Google Analytics Training - Kathy Slamp and Cool Tony
Kathy Slamp and Cool Tony

Meet new friends and become a better practitioner of Google Analytics

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