Forum Meeting-WordPress

Forum Meeting-WordPress

Forum Meeting-WordPress

Join the Forum Meeting-WordPress and get answers to your questions.

Who is the Forum Meeting for?

This Forum Meeting is for anyone who has a WordPress website either the free version WordPress or the self-hosted WordPress website.

If you have a:

Free WordPress Website (you are not paying for hosting)

You attended training, you have set-up your free website on WordPress but you have forgotten a number of issues for example: how to add a drop-down to the menu, where to edit a category, what text to use on ‘alt. text’ on an image, etc., etc… you just need someone to help you answer your questions.

Self-Hosted WordPress Website (you are paying for hosting)

We will go over the list of ‘plugins must-haves’. These plugins extend the functionality of your website, they have been tested over the years and they work! We will not install these plugins. You will learn of their importance so that you can install and set them up later.

What to bring: a lap-top and a mouse (a tablet is useless for this type of training). There is WiFi at the venue (but bring your 3G/ 4G plugin or connect to the internet via your smartphone as a 2nd option).

Hands-on: This is hands-on training.

Day: Thursday (monthly). For upcoming Workshops please visit the Calendar >

Time: 9am – 12pm

Cost: R400pp

Consulting & Training: AdWords, Blogging, E-commerce, Email Marketing with MailChimp, Google Analytics, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, WordPress

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